2nd Year Info

Hey friends!!

Happy first week of classes! A couple of updates just for 2nd years:

  • I’m so looking forward to seeing all of you!! Based on the feedback I received from both your class and the class above you on the 2nd year requirements, we’ve pivoted. You will be expected to be at all the Wednesday meetings after this coming Wednesday. The relationship between 1st and 2nd years last year was nonexistent because you never saw them. By having reduced requirements, they also felt distanced from you and the program. We will try to mix it up as much as possible from last year, but if there’s a repeat event you don’t want to attend, you’ll be expected to make up that requirement on your own or at an alternative event.
  • You’ll also be required to do a capstone presentation at the end of your 2nd year. This can be anything involving one or more of the ICE themes. It could be how you plan to use some of the things you’ve learned in ICE in your future career, something you research and explore independently around the ICE themes, or something similar. We can talk individually about what you want your presentation to be on.
  • Our meetings, as always, will be on Wednesday from 5:30-7:00. This semester we will meet in Smith Lab 1009. This first week will be an intro to ICE requirements for the 1st years, so you’re off the hook, but are welcome to come if you want!
  • Office hours are going to be on Fridays from 2-4 in the Norton Hall lobby.
  • There are a lot of things in the works – a revised mentorship program, a brand new website and tracking form, a new calendar, and a brand new class of 66 first year Icicles!!

I hope you all had a fabulous summer and are looking forward to this year. As always, check your email frequently, as there is going to be a lot of information coming across in the next couple of days. Please let me know if there’s anything I can help with or if you have any questions!!

Hope to see you soon!

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