Additional Internship/Job Opportunity

Sorry for the multiple emails, guys. I forgot an additional opportunity today —

Social Media Wizard

Drew Lehman & Max Layman Founders of Air Nebula LLC

Opportunity: Create weekly digital media content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for Air Nebula LLC, a small wine accessories business. Possibly assist in other marketing and sales tasks such as cold calls. Get experience and mentorship in what it takes to run a startup.

Time Commitment: 4-6 hours per week.

3 About Drew

  1. OSU alumni and local entrepreneur
  2. Wishes he had more entrepreneurial mentorship at OSU
  3. Worked for Krystal at the TCO. Scarred for life.

3 About Air Nebula

  1. Startup Founded by 2 OSU alumni
  2. Marketing Wine Accessories on Amazon & Shopify store
  3. New Design and Wine Accessory development

Compensation: $10/hr. Startup experience. Mentorship

Interested? Email: Subj: Air Nebula Internship

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